The Pressure of the First Post

The pressure builds to produce a blog for Phoenix Modular Elevator.When producing your very first post you are under a lot of pressure. Let’s face it, you have spent sometimes hours on coming up with a catchy name and working on the look, but now you have to put in writing what are the real goals of the blog. If your blog has no purpose and no real goals, no matter how catchy the name or slick the look no one will waste their time reading it. That is where the pressure comes from.

So with that said, here is the skinny of Easy Up.

First, we are the official blog for Phoenix Modular Elevator; the creation of the collective minds of our company.  At Phoenix we say that “We make elevators easy” and this blog has the same goal. We are hoping to inform and educate you about a superior product for vertical transportation in many buildings, both new and existing.  We’ll do this by sharing case studies, walking you through choosing the right elevator for your building, providing detailed information on incorporating a modular elevator into your building design, and posting loads of nuts and bolts how-to’s for the general contractors and elevator contractors who will install them.

We feel that our high quality, modular elevators are not just a solution, but the solution and every builder, architect, building owner, contractor and modular builder should take a serious look at what we provide. We also are all about de-shrouding the mysteries of elevators so that you can become as expert as you choose.

We take our product and your project seriously, but not ourselves, so we’ll aim to be helpful without being preachy as we help you think differently about the biggest moving apparatus in a multi-level building.

Lastly, we want to hear from you! Please comment positively or negatively on our posts, give your opinion and ask questions.  Your question just might become the subject of our next blog post.

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