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World of Modular 2016 – The Future is Bright

WOM2016_logo_lgBy: Russ Ward

During the long flight from San Diego, I had time to consider all of the information presented during the previous four days at the 2016 World of Modular Annual Convention and Tradeshow. The Modular Building Institute was the host for the event that ran March 17 – 20, 2016, and they filled the convention with several opportunities to dive headfirst into the modular construction business. As the premiere modular elevator company, Phoenix Modular Elevator straddles the fence between elevator and modular with feet firmly planted in each category, so it was refreshing to be surrounded by people who are 100% serious about modular construction.

MBI 2016Participants were able to learn about intricacies that set modular apart, what concerns there are in the industry and where experts in the field see modular going in the future. For instance, Lad Dawson, CEO of Guerdon Enterprises, spoke about recent developments between modular building and the hospitality industry. Modular elevators could be a great fit with the hotel business, particularly the burgeoning modular hotel business. Phoenix Modular Elevator is currently engaged in a modular hotel project, and the future could hold dozens of additional opportunities.

In another session, Kalyn Rothaus, host of Lifetime’s Office Space, exuded the optimism of a reformed skeptic. She explained how modular building principles created a big win for her as a designer with time and resource challenges. She partnered with Allied Modular Building Systems to get the look and feel she wanted in less time than she ever expected. Her project was a two-story office building with an industrial look that Phoenix Modular Elevators could easily provide.  So who knows?  Maybe you will see us featured in an upcoming episode!

Policy was the center of many of the breakout sessions dealing with education, code interpretation and energy.These sessions revealed how the industry tries its best to stay current, informed and ready to be a safe, green alternative.  For example, consider the “little house” trend.  Why are these considered modular if they have wheels? Doesn’t that make it an RV? Thank goodness deep thinkers at every level of governance are pondering the implications of the “little house” phenomenon.

TradeshowPhoenix Modular Elevator was invited to give a lecture on the viability of business-to-business social media marketing. The presentation was well received and led to dozens of new contacts and friends. We also exhibited in the trade show and explained the numerous ways modular elevators make a positive difference for many construction projects.

At the end of four days of concentrated discussions, breakout sessions and lectures, the conference was summarized by keynote speaker Anirban Basu, economic and trends expert and CEO of Sage Policy Group. Basu spoke about current economic trends, the long-term outlook for the modular industry, and whether there would be sustained growth in the construction sector.  He concluded by offering an optimistic view of the future of modular building, as he views this as a positive trend overall.

What Basu said makes a great deal of sense. If there is to be building in the future, isn’t it better to build with a method that is environmentally conscious and increases safety, speed and efficiency? The future is bright for modular and Phoenix Modular Elevator.

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Winning Without a Trophy

Basis Independent School – Brooklyn, NY

Every year, the Modular Building Institute at the World of Modular Convention gives Awards of Distinction to modular builders for outstanding building projects in various categories. Phoenix Modular Elevator (PME) would like to congratulate all of the winners and participants at this year’s event held March 17 – 20, 2016, in San Diego, California.

Although PME did not walk away with any hardware, we were thrilled to see three of our customers nominated for their excellent work in the Permanent Modular Education category.

First place in the category was the Basis Independent School, located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Built by repeat customer NRB, it is seven stories high and has over 100,000 square feet. PME produced an interior seven-story traction elevator for the school, and we are proud to have been a part of this fabulous looking project.

Meehleis Modular Buildings is the powerhouse company behind the other two entrants. They built Nesbit Elementary School and Ralston Middle School, both located in Belmont, California. Each of the schools are two stories and contain holeless hydraulic elevators produced by PME. These are exceptional examples that illustrate how modular elevators can be integrated into a great design.

High quality commercial elevators. Phoenix Modular Elevator.
Nesbit Elementary – Belmont, CA

Although PME did not win a trophy, we are proud to be a part of successful modular building projects. Again, congratulations to all of the winners and a successful World of Modular Convention and Tradeshow!




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Bost Visits Modular Elevator Factory

Mike Bost AllisonMt. Vernon, IL/March 31, 2016 – US Rep. Mike Bost held an event to hear concerns of women business owners in Mt. Vernon on March 29, 2016, followed by a visit to a local female-owned manufacturing facility. The visit to Phoenix Modular Elevator, also in Mt. Vernon, included a factory tour, as well as a frank discussion on the current business climate with owner Allison Allgaier.

The facility manufactures high-quality, commercial modular elevators that are shipped and installed in buildings across the United States and Canada.  Phoenix is only one of two modular elevator manufacturers in the U.S.  What makes modular elevators unique is the manufacturing process: they are built horizontal, with the elevator car fully assembled inside the shaft.  They are then trucked to the job site and hoisted into place with a crane.  This process allows for a better product and faster installation than a conventional elevator.

Allison Bost ElevatorAs he toured the factory, Rep. Bost was clearly impressed with the operation. “As a woman owned business this is a shining example of how hard work and determination can produce a needed product from southern Illinois for use throughout North America. We are proud that our region has great female business leaders and a highly skilled work force.”

Allgaier is glad that Rep. Bost took the time to tour the plant and speak to her about future growth. “He was impressed with the elevators we make, and happy to hear that we are moving to a larger and more efficient facility in Mt. Vernon. Our goal has always been growth and now we have outgrown our current facility.” The move to the new manufacturing site is scheduled for later this year.

Phoenix Modular Elevator produces high-quality, commercial modular elevators that are comprised of a steel hoistway with the elevator car and components installed inside and completely pre-wired. This makes Phoenix Modular Elevators the fastest installing elevators available. The units are used in schools, universities, hotels, stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, government buildings and churches. Phoenix Modular Elevator is a Mount Vernon, Illinois, business and has been constructing modular elevators since 1995.

The fastest installing elevator begins with a quick quote.
To get an elevator start here with a quick quote!