Weather Halts Construction – But Not Modular

20160105_143405We rarely re-post stuff from our other blog  Elevator Schmelevator however it seems like great info for this blog as well. Enjoy!

We have all seen the headlines: The winter weather this year, and nearly every year, puts a damper on the construction industry and new elevator installation. Work vehicles get stuck in the snow, batteries are drained dead in equipment, and materials often have a negative reaction to sub-zero temperatures. If you are having a new stick built elevator installed, it is important to know about these delays.

Modular elevators are the solution to the weather problems. Click here for the article! 

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9 thoughts on “Weather Halts Construction – But Not Modular

    1. I try to be nice, because we have so many partners in the elevator industry and construction trades, but you are spot on. One of the dumbest things that happens on a job site is a guy hanging heavy rails in a concrete tower. The tower has taken months to build in poor weather and then a worker has to pick up heavy rails and build an elevator cab in a cramped vertical space. We fix that problem.

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      1. As a person that has worked in the trade I can tell you that modular elevators are the future. We all need to get on board to save our backs and make things easier. Great company!!!

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    2. Agreed, Factory built is the way to go. I have been looking for Architectural firms that have embraced the modular project delivery method but haven’t gotten much reply. Are there any firms out there that I could reach out to for discussions

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      1. There are several out there that do specialize in modular building depending on your needs. There are also some great design/build firms that do a great job from concept to completion in modular. Feel free to email me at so I can get you those names depending on your project or perspective projects.

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