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Off-Site Construction Expo – Perfect

OSCE2018In almost any industry,  there are a plethora of trade shows. So when you finally find one that is a great fit, you like to let others know about it. The Off-Site Construction Expo (OSCE) has been one of the best, and this opinion is not from a novice. At Phoenix Modular Elevator (PME), we attend lots of trade shows because we fit into many different categories, including the construction industry, elevator industry, modular building industry, etc. The list goes on and on because we can, and have, attended many shows for specific sub-groups such as hotel owners or building managers to name just a few. All have their pluses and minuses.

With that said, our Sales and Marketing team just got back from the Off-Site Construction Expo that took place in Berkeley, California sponsored by the Modular Building Institute, the American Institute of Architects – San Francisco and several corporate sponsors, including USG, dryvit, Wesco, Skender, Precision, ExaLeap and Mr. Shrinkwrap. The expo was perfect.

You may ask, “How can a trade-show be perfect?” That is an audacious claim, but I can back it up.

First, the location. It was not the typical cavernous, half-filled, concrete hall that echoes like the rim of the Grand Canyon, but a more intimate setting on the campus of University of California – Berkeley. The confines allowed for discussions and opportunities for long conversations outside of the hall without the usual trek to a hotel across the street. Everything was very simple, but very well done. Additionally, the northern California area was tailor-made for our business. Our solution hit the need of the region we were in perfectly. We really opened some eyes. The fast delivery and installation of a high-quality commercial elevator made the day of people so tired of fighting stick-built elevator companies.

Second, the structure. One day – need I say more? There are some trade shows that are so big or so poorly structured that the vendor area is open for days on end. We end up honing our juggling skills with stress balls between rushes or playing “Name that Tune” against other vendors using the piped in muzak (we always win). The constant checking of the wristwatch just makes the whole day pass like it is stuck in molasses on a cold day. The opposite was true at the OSCE. We were busy at every time we were supposed to be. Also, the speakers were not just hawking goods but bringing important information to the table while also taking questions. It wasn’t just preaching but in-depth, thoughtful answers. Even the mealtime was well planned out and timed. We had just enough time to get our meal, meet someone we didn’t know and break bread while talking about the industry.

Third and most important, the attendees. I have no idea what mystic arts were employed, but it seemed like every attender needed and wanted to hear about PME. The booth was busy with a steady flow and we were able to provide several quotes for new jobs and ones on the books. Too many trade shows are filled with swag hunters and fellow exhibitors looking for conversation. OSCE was filled with opportunity, as all of the booths were buzzing with activity. I have never been involved in a trade show that had so many positives. Kudos to all the folks at the Off-Site Construction Expo! They have everything down to science; the location, structure and attendees.

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NAEC Purpose for PME

NAEC FinalThe National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) meets every year, this year for the 69th time in Atlantic City, New Jersey  from September 24 – 27. It is being billed as the “Largest Vertical Transportation Show in North America” and without doubt, it is just that. There will be opportunities for education, building connections in business and seeing what’s new in a huge exhibitor area. Phoenix Modular Elevator will be a very active participant; stop by booth #1846 to say hello!

For instance, on Tuesday, September 25th at 1:00 pm, PME President Allison Allgaier and Marketing Manager Russ Ward will be leading a roundtable discussion on how to become a course provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The course presentations are commonly referred to as “Lunch and Learns” and have been very successful for us. We get a great opportunity to tell architects across North America about the health, safety and welfare aspects built into high-quality modular elevators during these lunchtime presentations. It is something others can do as well and we will be available for questions and answers to help you get started.

Also, in addition to exhibiting,  we get to see what is out there on the trade show floor. At PME, we are forever looking for ways to improve our elevators and how we deliver, install and maintain them. More than one idea from NAEC has turned into an improvement.

But the real purpose of our visit to Atlantic City is not for the parties and one-armed bandits, or even leading a roundtable discussion; it is meeting elevator installers that are looking for a great product to put in their line of business. See, the elevator industry through modularization is on the cusp of a transitional move forward and leading the way with the innovation is Phoenix Modular Elevator. We have seen exponential growth over the past few years as people become more acquainted with the company and what makes us unique to the building and elevator industries. That uniqueness, to state it plainly and simply, is due to the fact that we offer a manufactured, commercial-quality elevator that is safer and faster to install than any traditional elevator available at a comparable price.

Faster and Safer

Faster? Think days, not months, for the hoistway and elevator to be fully installed and functional. Safer? No heavy rails to to lug around, no cab to install in cramped spaces, and no open hoistway hatches to fall through.

Elevator technicians have confided with us, stating that Phoenix Modular Elevator has eliminated the most dangerous and time-consuming aspects of the elevator install. Manufacturing a completed hoistway, with the elevator car and rails already installed, that is pre-roped and pre-wired, makes all the difference. But not all are ready for a new age. There was a time when innovation, especially in regards to safety, was a paramount concern, but, inexplicably, many are still holding on to old technology that puts installers at risk.

Fortunately, many are now starting to see the benefits of less potentially harmful physical labor. They have come to the same conclusion we have: modular elevators are just much better than old fashioned elevators for the people that have to do the installing and the speed of the installation is better for the customer.

Modular elevators are a win/win all the way around.

For the elevator installer, the primary benefit is safety. But the speed of the install has an ancillary benefit as well. The number of elevators under lucrative maintenance contracts can be increased by the right company because you no longer have to tie up a team of elevator technicians for installations that take months on end. Instead, the fast install means more elevators can be installed in a shorter amount of time, thereby putting more elevators under maintenance agreements. In the time one team installs a single traditional elevator, you can have a half-dozen modular elevators installed.

You may not be willing to step in this new business model, but your competitors might. So, you can ignore the trends of safety of elevator technicians and the benefits of fast installation, but just remember that others are getting on board and fast. We have doubled the total number of installers selling and installing modular elevators in just a few years. They see the value and profitability.

If you attend NAEC, stop by booth #1846 and talk with us about your future and the future of the elevator industry. We would love to listen. If you are not attending NAEC and would like to be considered as an installer for Phoenix Modular Elevator, just fill out the simple form here and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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