High quality commercial elevators. Phoenix Modular Elevator.
Just one of nearly 300 Phoenix Modular Elevators installed in California.

Phoenix Modular Elevator (PME) is an elevator manufacturer that gets its name from the legendary Phoenix of Greek mythology, a bird that is regenerated from the ashes of its predecessor. We took this name because the founders of the company realized that a regeneration was needed in the elevator industry. New ways of building an elevator needed to be created and improved into a system that was safer, had reduced lead times and quicker installations, yet were higher in quality.
The result is Phoenix Modular Elevator. We are proud to say that we are the largest producer of quality, commercial modular elevators in the world and we have units in place throughout the United States and Canada. Currently, there are more PME elevators functioning in schools in California, than any other modular elevator company.

Since its founding, Phoenix Modular Elevator continues to live up to the name, striving to constantly improve, refine and remake the elevator industry. Please contact us to find out if a Phoenix Modular Elevator will work for your current of next project.

Learn about the process →

Deciding on the company that will produce the largest and most used machine on most premises of a multi-story building is important and should not be taken lightly. There are several options out there, but only one that manufactures elevators in a factory setting and is centrally located in the United States to keep production and shipping costs low. Innovation and technological advancements are crucial to the success of PME, leading to the latest and best possible elevator available today. We have 20 years of experience creating the highest quality elevators available.

We are proud of what we do and how we do it, so we hope your decision will lead you to find out more about the elevators that are built horizontally, shipped on a truck, craned into place and installed in less than a week.To begin the process contact us or get a quick quote for your project today.

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