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All Aboard – Modular Elevators

Train in DurangoThere was a time when black, steam powered locomotives would huff and puff into the station, take on water and coal, load up with cargo and passengers and the conductor would yell, “All aboard!” It signified the train was leaving the station and if you weren’t on the train and ready to go, you would be left behind in a cloud of steam, smoke, and coal dust.  The analogy has been used countless times when writing about new innovation and being a part of a movement forward or advances in technology.  You don’t want to miss the train and be left behind.

The elevator industry is on the cusp of just such a transitional move forward and leading the way with the innovation is Phoenix Modular Elevator. We have seen exponential growth over the past few years as people become more acquainted with the company and what makes us unique to the building and elevator industries. That uniqueness, to state it plainly and simply, is due to the fact that we offer a manufactured, commercial, quality elevator that is safer and faster to install than any traditional elevator available at a comparable price. Faster? Think days (in less than a week) not months for the hoistway and elevator to be fully installed and functional. Safer? No heavy rails to to lug around, no cab to install, and, most importantly, no open hoistway hatches to fall through.

Elevator technicians have confided with us, stating that Phoenix Modular Elevator has eliminated the most dangerous and time consuming aspects of the elevator install. Manufacturing a completed hoistway, with the elevator car and rails already installed, that is pre-roped and pre-wired makes all the difference.  But not all are ready for a new age.  There was a time when innovation, especially in regards to safety, was a paramount concern, but, inexplicably, today many are still holding on to old technology that puts installers at risk.

Fortunately for the workers, many are now starting to see the benefits of less potentially harmful physical labor.  It’s no wonder we are currently partnering with a major elevator manufacturer and elevator installers across North America.  They have come to the same conclusion we have: modular elevators are just much better than old fashioned elevators for the people that have to do the installing and the speed of the installation is better for the customer.

Modular elevators are a win/win all the way around.

Yes, you can ignore the trends, safety of elevator technicians, and the benefits of fast installation, but just remember that the train is leaving the station and you can either choose to get on board or ride the old steam locomotive to the dusty museum filled with artifacts from the past. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that as we continue to expand, opportunity abounds for those willing to partake. It is time to let go of the outmoded past.

If you would like to be considered to be an installer for Phoenix Modular Elevator just fill out the simple form here and someone will be in contact with you shortly. If you don’t engage with the future of elevators, someone else will just take advantage of the opportunity.


Solving Problems with Prefab Hoistways

Urban Life 2Recently, we have been producing prefab hoistways for a major elevator manufacturer in the United States. These contain no installed elevator, just the hoistway. The company we are working with sees the benefits of faster installation, the safety of the installation, flexibility in design, and higher quality that we offer as opposed to waiting around for a stick-built shaft.

It is easy to see why: having a completed hoistway craned into place means saving time and that means saving money. But having a prefab hoistway means more than just fast installation. Here is a list of reasons why every hoistway should be a prefab:

→ Perfectly plumb – Say goodbye to crooked hoistways. We build our hoistways horizontally and so we can easily and often verify that all the walls are plumb and square.

→ Custom dimensions – We can produce any size hoistway you want up to about twelve feet on one side (so it can fit under bridges) and depending on state shipping requirements. Don’t worry, we can help you figure out dimensions and the logistics.

→ Three week production – That is not a typo. The entire production time from drawing approval is three weeks. There will be no more waiting around for the old-fashioned construction methods and there are no delays due to weather! Our hoistways are factory built so rain, snow, or cold weather never stops production.

→ Installs in hours – Also not a typo. The unit or units are craned into place, simple as that. Depending on the number of towers and overall height, the total install can take place in a morning. There is no other method that puts the elevator hoistway up in less than a day.

→ Fire rated – Our towers come with a one or two hour fire rating. They can also come with no sheeting at all for glass elevators or special orders.

→ Interior or exterior – It doesn’t matter where you put it or even when you set it in the process. We can be the first structure in place at the job-site or the last and can be in the middle of the building or along an outside wall.

→ As tall as you need. We can stack towers to achieve your required travel. No matter the height, they are still perfectly plumb.

Fast and Flexible Solutions

Based on the above, there is absolutely no reason for you not to contact Phoenix Modular Elevator for your next multi-story building project. But, just in case you are still not sure, here are a few more reasons to contact us:

→ The engineering can be flexible in that it can be designed as a free-standing structure depending on overall height. These are very stable structures that have been placed in hurricane-prone and seismic zones. On the other extreme, they not only can be tied into the build structure, but can be designed to be load-bearing.

→ The elevator rails can come pre-installed. This is a matter of safety. One of the most hazardous actions completed by elevator technicians is the placement of the rails. Rails are extremely heavy, coming in at fifteen pounds per foot or more. They then have to be manhandled in a vertical shaft and then clipped to the hoistway walls that are often out of plumb. The solution is ordering a Phoenix Modular hoistway with these unruly behemoths already installed.

→ Lastly, we know elevators and elevator hoistways. We produce high-quality, commercial modular elevators and hoistways. The elevators (if you want the whole package) are comprised of a steel hoistway with the elevator car and components already installed, roped, and wired. This makes Phoenix Modular elevators the easiest and fastest installing elevators.

Our units are found all across the United States and Canada and they are used in schools, universities, hotels, stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, government buildings, and churches. We have been building elevators since 1995.

As we continue to listen to our customers, though, we know that not everyone wants the whole elevator system, which is why we’re solving more problems with prefabricated hoistways.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime or come see us at booth #1524 at NAEC in Orlando. Kelly or Allison will look forward to answering any questions.

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