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Our latest install! We make elevators easy!

Every elevator needs to be this easy and fast to install. Just give the video a watch and then call us for your next multi-story project.


Congrats On Your Elevator Purchase – Next Steps

Rigging BottomCongratulations! Phoenix Modular Elevator is building your brand new elevator. However, there are a few things that we need you to do to get ready for the delivery. We understand that buying a commercial, quality, modular elevator is a big step and a big commitment for many, even if you are a design/build firm or investment group.

It is an investment of dollars and time, even if it is the fastest and easiest elevator to install. So, we will do everything we can to make the project go as smoothly as possible. Just keep in mind that there are some things on your end that still have to be done, before it is lowered into place. Here is a list of things that are on your plate regarding the building site as we go forward:

  1.  You need to pour the pit (here are some helpful tips). Before your elevator arrives the pit floor and walls need to be complete including cast-in-place anchor bolts and 2 sets of washers and nuts for each. Don’t worry: we provide the drawings with dimension. We do leave the pit engineering to you, though.
  2. Make sure the pit is clean. We know it is tempting to leave gravel and cigarette butts in the floor, but everything must be taken out including our templates.
  3. Dry the pit.
  4. Cover the sump hole. If a sump pump is required for your elevator, make sure you cover up the hole it will go in with a sturdy, non-combustible material. A metal plate or grate usually does the trick.
  5. For an elevator with an in-ground jack, get the hole drilled. We will work with you on this if you want and have included an estimate for drilling in the formal quote, but we will not be onsite when they arrive. It is up to you to make sure the casing is installed. The drilling company will be able to take of this for you.
  6. Also, if an in-ground jack is being used make sure the hole for the jack is covered or capped with a non-combustible material. If the jack is already in place, make sure the area around the elevator’s hydraulic cylinder is capped, again with a non-combustible material.
  7. Rough openings need to be made at each floor and OSHA compliant barricades need to be installed.
  8. The machine room slab needs to be poured, if you’re also receiving a PME modular machine room. A level floor needs to be finished including any raceways for electrical power sub-ups. We have drawings available. You are responsible for any engineering regarding the machine room floor.
  9. Protrusions into the hoistway area need to be cleared.  Anything that will get in the way of an elevator being craned into place needs to be removed. That means that if sprinkler lines are to be run, it should take place after the elevator installation is complete.
  10. Schedule the crane and crew. Part of the installation involves riggers and operators. Make sure everyone that is needed onsite for the big day is scheduled. We have rigging information available online.
  11. Access to the roof of the elevator is required. This means either building roof access or a personnel lift. The reason is so you will be able to remove the rigging once the elevator is uprighted.
  12. Storage: If the on-site machine room is not completed by the installation date, a secure storage area must be provided. We gotta put all the stuff that makes an elevator run somewhere before the installation is completed and the inspection takes place.

It is important to make sure all of these are complete so the installation goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t feel like you are on your own, though! We will help as much as we can and point you in the right directions, and, of course, all of this information can also be found online.

If you would like to find out more about a modular solution, feel free to contact us at your convenience. If you have a project in mind and would like some figures click the button below.

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Welcome Kelly Schloss as Sales Manager

Kelly HeadshotPhoenix Modular Elevator is pleased to announce that Kelly Schloss has joined our team as the Inside Sales Manager.  She will be managing quick quotes, formal quotes, and sales. She is ready and willing to deliver information to and assist architects, general contractors, elevator contractors, and modular builders looking for an easy, quality, vertical transportation solution. Her addition will ensure PME’s commitment to responsiveness and great customer service.

Kelly has undergone extensive training  in the world of modular elevators and is ready to field your calls, answer your questions, and deliver same-day quick quotes for any project you have in mind.  Her professional goal is to eliminate the pain points that installing an elevator can cause by delivering great customer service and a high quality product every time!

Feel to contact Kelly to welcome her to the Phoenix Modular Elevator team or to request information about placing a high-quality Phoenix Modular Elevator in your next project.

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Where Does it Hurt?

medical-563427_1920We have all been there. Sitting on a paper covered, padded vinyl table with nothing more on than a flimsy, backless gown that doesn’t fit quite right. As we awkwardly fidget back and forth, trying to get comfortable and avoid the cold spots on the table, we know there is something wrong and something that needs special attention from the doctor. We need to get rid of the pain we have been facing, but because we are stubborn, we tend to ignore the misery at first, just hoping it will go away. As the constant discomfort begins to needle us more and more, we finally have to breakdown and try to do something about it. So we arrive at the exam room and in what seems like an eternity of feeling a cold breeze blowing where it otherwise shouldn’t, the doctor finally strolls in and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Where does it hurt?”

Click here to find out about pain points.


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How to Buy an Elevator 101

Interior PhotoVolumes have been written about elevators. A simple search can tell you all you would ever need to know about their history, how they work and even more about components such as buttons and cabs. But one thing that seems to be lacking is solid advice on actually buying an elevator.

With this in mind, we have compiled information to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing any type of vertical transportation, whether it be a LU/LA, modular or stick-built elevator.  The first list is information that you should acquaint yourself with before starting the purchasing process, while the second list is a set of questions to consider when talking with an elevator company. Click here for the list that will help you buy an elevator. 

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Manufactured Elevator Quality

Three Towers

by Russ Ward – It makes me chuckle when I hear people say there are several elevator manufactures. In reality, there are precious few that actually engage in manufacturing. The definition of manufacturing is the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale. The rub is that the big four elevator companies do not make goods or wares.

Instead, what they actually do is produce some elevator parts. The rest of the parts are produced by subcontractors that supply several companies. When an order is placed and the elevator leaves the warehouse, it is not recognizable as an elevator at all, but several components that then need to be screwed, wired, bolted, hung and placed inside a pre-existing or stick-built vertical shaft.  The real elevator manufacturing takes place inside the vertical stick-built elevator shaft on the job site. Until it is assembled, it is not a ware or a good but a box full of parts.

It would be the same if you ordered a car from your local dealership and were handed the keys and a giant crate full of parts. Find out why manufacturing is the best way to make an elevator. Click here.

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Phoenix Modular Elevator Wins Award of Distinction

Award PhotoPhoenix Modular Elevator (PME) has been recognized by the Modular Building Institute at the World of Modular Conference by being presented an Award of Distinction. The award-winning project features a modular elevator for Center Grove High School in Greenwood, IN, the site of the newly built Ray Skillman Stadium.

The purpose of the ADA- and gurney-compliant elevator was to access the two-story press box at the top of the bleachers, allowing both people and equipment to be moved more efficiently. The elevator has nearly 50 feet of travel with a 3500 lb. cab capacity and is finished in school colors. PME was tasked with ensuring the elevator would be ready for the start of football season, less than three months away when the project began. The total time for the completed functioning elevator to be designed, built and installed was only 78 days. In comparison, a similar sized stick-built elevator would have taken 8 months or more.

center-groveA total of three modules comprised the finished product. The elevator hoistway was broken in two sections for shipping purposes and a modular machine room that housed the hydraulic pump, motor and elevator controller made up the third.

PME president Allison Allgaier was honored by the recognition: “We supply a lot of elevators to the commercial modular building industry, so it’s gratifying to be recognized by our customers’ premiere trade association.”

The entries were judged by a prestigious panel of architects and experts in the modular field. They were scored on a number of criteria, including architectural excellence, technical innovation, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and calendar days to complete.

PME is an elevator manufacturer that produces high-quality, commercial modular elevators. A modular elevator is comprised of a steel hoistway with the elevator car and components completely pre-wired and installed inside. They are manufactured horizontally, trucked to jobsites, craned into place and installed in less than a week. This makes PME elevators the fastest installing elevator available. The units are found across the United States and Canada and used in schools, medical facilities, universities, hotels, stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, government buildings and churches. Phoenix Modular Elevator has been constructing modular elevators since 1995.

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Phoenix Modular Elevator Scores a Touchdown

centergroveCenter Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana, wanted to make a big splash for their home opener. To do so, they planned to debut the Ray Skillman Stadium, a brand new, state of the art football and track facility that was to be a point of pride for the high school and community.

The problem? As kickoff loomed near for the Center Grove Trojans, one piece of the plan was still needed: the elevator. This was a crucial piece of the project, as the elevator was required for access to the two-story press box. A stick-built elevator was not a viable alternative, as building the hoistway from the ground up and installing the necessary elevator components would have takes months to complete. A faster solution was needed.

Phoenix Modular Elevator was that solution. The elevator was completed on time as an important part of a stunning project that included a new field, stands, additional buildings and a two-story press box. With less than a week before the opening kickoff, Phoenix Modular Elevator was able to ship the elevator, where it was quickly craned into place and installed in time for the big home opener.

The elevator installed at Center Grove had a 68′ hoistway with a modular machine room and an ADA and stretcher-compliant elevator car with 3500 lb capacity. The elevator also had three stops, one at ground level and one stop each for the two-story press box. Total travel was just under a total of 48′. The elevator was propelled by a two-stage in-ground hydraulic jack, chosen for its cost effectiveness and ability to move the unit smoothly and quickly to the top of the press box.

The key to the fast completion of this and other projects is the difference between a stick-built elevator and a Phoenix modular elevator. A stick-built elevator of equal height and distance of travel would have taken months to complete, as the hoistway would have to be built onsite and then the elevator components would have to be installed in the vertical hoistway. The Phoenix solution allows modular elevators to be manufactured horizontally in a factory, where onsite job conditions and weather aren’t a factor.

Phoenix Modular Elevator is used to a making elevators easy and quickly to meet the needs of clients in a time schedule pinch, and we are happy to report the Center Grove project was no exception.

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Bost Visits Modular Elevator Factory

Mike Bost AllisonMt. Vernon, IL/March 31, 2016 – US Rep. Mike Bost held an event to hear concerns of women business owners in Mt. Vernon on March 29, 2016, followed by a visit to a local female-owned manufacturing facility. The visit to Phoenix Modular Elevator, also in Mt. Vernon, included a factory tour, as well as a frank discussion on the current business climate with owner Allison Allgaier.

The facility manufactures high-quality, commercial modular elevators that are shipped and installed in buildings across the United States and Canada.  Phoenix is only one of two modular elevator manufacturers in the U.S.  What makes modular elevators unique is the manufacturing process: they are built horizontal, with the elevator car fully assembled inside the shaft.  They are then trucked to the job site and hoisted into place with a crane.  This process allows for a better product and faster installation than a conventional elevator.

Allison Bost ElevatorAs he toured the factory, Rep. Bost was clearly impressed with the operation. “As a woman owned business this is a shining example of how hard work and determination can produce a needed product from southern Illinois for use throughout North America. We are proud that our region has great female business leaders and a highly skilled work force.”

Allgaier is glad that Rep. Bost took the time to tour the plant and speak to her about future growth. “He was impressed with the elevators we make, and happy to hear that we are moving to a larger and more efficient facility in Mt. Vernon. Our goal has always been growth and now we have outgrown our current facility.” The move to the new manufacturing site is scheduled for later this year.

Phoenix Modular Elevator produces high-quality, commercial modular elevators that are comprised of a steel hoistway with the elevator car and components installed inside and completely pre-wired. This makes Phoenix Modular Elevators the fastest installing elevators available. The units are used in schools, universities, hotels, stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, government buildings and churches. Phoenix Modular Elevator is a Mount Vernon, Illinois, business and has been constructing modular elevators since 1995.

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